Ring Doorbell 3 only rings in-home chime when battery pack is inserted or removed

I have a ring doorbell 3 that is hard wired to my home’s existing doorbell system. My doorbell chime works perfectly when the ring is not installed. When I install the ring these are the issues I’m running into:

  1. The ring is not detecting that it is hardwired. It says it is running off of battery power however the battery has not drained in the month that I’ve been using it.
  2. The ring is not ringing or detecting my houses chime system despite having hardwired it to my existing doorbell system.
  3. The ring WILL ring my houses chime when I remove the battery pack or when I insert the battery pack. If I remove the battery pack my house’s chime start spam ringing until I put the battery pack back in and then it finishes one ring.

This makes me believe that the ring is capable of ringing my chime, I’m just not sure what exactly is wrong with it. I have a reddit thread here about it with a video of the problem: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ring/comments/ksjrh2/existing_doorbell_chime_only_goes_off_when/

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi there, @Vinzlr! The best approach to hardwiring is to start at the power supply and work towards the Doorbell. Starting with the transformer, please ensure it is rated for 8v to 24v AC. Next, let’s ensure the chime kit you are using is on our Chime Kit compatibility list, to confirm if this model chime kit will work as intended.

In regards to power delivery for a charge to your battery, ensuring the wires are standard gauge and not too thin, old, or corroded anywhere is always a good step. There is also a setting within your Ring app where you can select your in-home chime type. To find this option visit your Doorbell 3 in the Ring app > select Device Settings > then select in-home chime settings.

The above suggestions will help with both chime kit functionality and to obtain an effective charge. I recommend also checking out our Community post about battery drain factors, as these tips will optimize battery use for receiving a noticeable charge. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: