Ring Doorbell 3 not working just flashing when I replace the battery

So my doorbell 3 has stopped working. Took out the battery charged it fully then put it back.

All I get is the blue light flash about 8 times then just does nothing else, can’t press the button etc, also when you put the battery back in it normally tells you it’s activating but as I said it just flash’s the blue light. Help please.

Ok just checked and can see outside via the camera so it’s the doorbell that’s stopped working if you press the button there’s nothing.

After charging your battery and replacing it into your Video Doorbell, it should automatically reconnect. Reconnecting in the Ring app is also an option, if your Ring device is offline.

If your Ring device fails to reconnect try a reset on it by holding the Setup button for 20 seconds. Then, complete the reconnect steps ^ once more. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: