Ring doorbell 3 not going into live view with the android app

Newly purchased doorbell 3…showing good connection in health (Rssi 48). When I try live View on my android phone it never connects… It has connected the odd few times but not much… Even when I’m at home and connected to the same router… Speed test on my phones is 66mb in doors and is 32 with my phone next to the doorbell with all doors and windows closed. So I can’t see how this is a connection issue

Hi there, @Sime27! As you mentioned this is on android, please check for any android apps that might conflict with the Ring app. Double check that there is also no vpn enabled. If this does not improve live view, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on the mobile device. Feel free to also try out the Rapid Ring app, designed for the quickest access to live view. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: