Ring Doorbell 3 not charging when hardwired

I just received the ring doorbell 3 and it won’t work with our existing hardwiring. It won’t charge nor will it make our doorbell ring and we know the existing doorbell wiring is working. It is also showing that we have the solar charger connected and we do not have one. Don’t know what to do. Help!

I had the same issue indicating it was connected to solar charger when there isn’t one. Ring 3 worked fine for several months and now all of
sudden the trickle charge can’t keep it charged. Why even bother with hardwiring when it obviously needs more power to stay charged. I’m ready to chunk it and go with the nest product.

Hi there, neighbors! The best place to start is our Community post about battery drain, as this will help you optimize the usage of your Doorbell battery. Next, I recommend visiting this Hardwiring Checklist that I use to obtain a trickle charge to my battery-powered Video Doorbells. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: