Ring Doorbell 3 not activating old chime

I recently installed the Ring Doorbell 3 into my original doorbell wiring and the Ring 3 is working fine except for making the old inside chime function. The Ring Doorbell 3 technical information states that the diode is built into the Ring 3 so no diode is supposed to be required. How do I get the Ring 3 to activate the old chime?

Hi @bgrg2000. What kind of internal chime kit do you have? Please let me know the make and model of it so I can make sure it is compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell 3! :slight_smile:

There is a new setting in for Ring 3 to activiate a mechanical doorbell in Settings. This is feature is new to Ring Doorbell 3, you didn’t have to enable this setting with previous Ring Doorbells.

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Installed daughters 3 plus
The mechanical chime works when no battery pack installed
But with battery pack the mechanical chime doesn’t work

Installed it with the 2 wires so battery pack wouldn’t drain quickly since live on a busy street