Ring doorbell 3 no incoming sound

I am unable to receive sound when attempting two way communication. I can be heard using the ring app on an iPhone IOS13. My other ring doorbell and stick up cams have no issue.

Seems to be a common fault with doorbells. Ours was the same but today it’s ok.
who knows, not even ring themselves ?‍♂️

Hey neighbors! If you are unable to hear the sound from your Live View when enabling the Live View, you will need to ensure you have accepted the call by pressing the green phone icon. Once the Live View is enabled, you will need to ensure your microphone is not muted (microphone icon is not slashed out) and the same for the speaker icon to transmit sound. Other than making sure you’ve taken these steps, you may want to ensure that bluetooth is not enabled on your phone. Bluetooth can tend to take over the audio and microphone controls, especially smart watches as some users can talk to another person through the watch.

Some phones will also tend the Live View as a phone call, and therefore you will only hear the people at your door if you hold the phone up to your ear like a phone call, and they can only hear you if you talk into this other microphone on your phone itself. Hope this helps clear this up! If you continue to have poor audio, you can check out our Ring Help Center Article here, or for a direct contact to our support team, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.