Ring Doorbell 3 Motion Detector not working well

My original Ring doorbell worked pretty well but it died, so I just installed a RIng 3 doorbell. I used the corner mount because of the location of the doorbell and the video is actually much better. But the motion detector doesn’t work when someone approaches the door. It DOES work when I come out of the front door (which isn’t very useful).

I have it set to max sensitivity

Is there something I can do about this? Or do I need to mount it straight (which might sove the issue but I may not get as good video)

Hi @EBeutler. I suggest reviewing this Community Post here. It has some tips and tricks for improving the motion detection on your Doorbell. Let me know how this goes!

Hi Tom. Thanks for your suggestion. I read the post and then went to my Ring App and found the Zones. They were already created (in a reasonable way, it seems) but I couldn’t find a way to edit them. I’ve read through the Help but no luck. Can you assist? Thanks!

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If it works like it does on my app, if you tap on a zone, you’ll see little circular “handles” come up - if they do, you should be able to hold and drag these to adjust zone coverage. Hope that helps, and apologies if it doesn’t.

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Hey @EBeutler, @Axe99 is correct about how to edit the Motion Zones in the Ring app. I’ll include a gif below that demonstrates what this will look like. You can find more details on Motion Zones in this Help Center article as well. I hope that helps clarify! :slight_smile:


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