Ring Doorbell 3 loses connectivity every few weeks

Several times a year the video doorbell loses connectivity. Sometimes it will reconnect after a couple of days, other times it won’t. The app reports that the last RSSI was 50. We have a very strong mesh network in the house. I can’t remove the doorbell - it’s hardwired, mounted inside a brick and silicone sealed in place. It’s insane that I need to have physical access. It “knows” where it it. Who it’s registered to and what network it used. It’s been offline now for 5 days. Any suggestions?

Does the doorbell still have a light on it? Just to make sure its on.
If you can’t take it off in order to reconfigure its connection you can try rebooting your own WiFi routers/repeaters. Maybe that will force it to reconnect. You can also look into getting a Chime Pro just for the doorbell and put it somewhere right next to the door.