Ring Doorbell 3 is no longer showing hardwired

Hello Ring Doorbell 3 users ,

Please see the summary below and let me know if you have the same experience:

  1. Customer made no change to the doorbell circuit since the device was installed, the device worked fine for months before issue was observed;

  2. Customer recently found The Ring App showed the Doorbell’s “Power Source” as “battery” instead of “hardwired”, though it is actually still hardwired;

  3. Customer contacted tech support agent, who confirmed that my Ring Doorbell’s status is displayed as “hardwired” on his end;

  4. Customer checked and confirmed the wires are still properly connected to the terminals on the back of Ring Doorbell;

  5. Customer tested and confirmed the interior mechanical chime still rings when the Ring Doorbell is pressed;

  6. Customer reset the Doorbell Ring using the “Set Up a Device” Wizard in Mobile App, got the error “Your Ring Doorbell is not receiving power from your doorbell system” before reaching the last step.

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I am having this same issue. Is there a solution for this yet?

Contacted the tech support team, who would escalate to advanced support team. No response from them yet.

Hi there, @LIE! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Rest assured we have shared your and other neighbors’ feedback with our teams here. Aside from the normal battery and power troubleshooting steps, please also consider usage factors such as back to back events, many events, many live views, or signal connection interference. These variables can cause battery drain, or the power status to show battery.

Great call on reaching out to our support. They can certainly escalated your case for exploring more advanced solutions when needed.

For any neighbors also having this concern, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here . We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

It’s not just Doorbell 3. Seems like all other models are experiencing the same issue.
I have the 2020 Version with same issue. My parents have Doorbell 2 with same issue.
Called support few days ago and had to ask them to escalate it…


Also the day that these reports of going from hardwired to battery started to occur my parents told me that they saw their doorbell light was “blinking”. My guess is some sort of a firmware update probably and that could be the cause of the issue…

Thanks for your update, JetRocket11. Let’s wait for the tech support team’s update.

Check yours again. Mine just went back to saying hardwired

Mine has not gone back to show hardwired yet.

YES! I have a ring doorbell 2, been hard wired with no issues for a year, last week started getting low battery warnings, removed - charged - checked connections, reinstalled and Power Source status still Battery until today.
Today back to showing Hardwired!

Ring, did you release a firmware update to fix this or what?

To All,
I contacted Ring via Twitter, from where I got quick response from support team. They instructed me to power cycle my device. To do this, simply remove the battery from the device for about one minute. After one minute, insert the battery back into the device, Ring the doorbell. After doing this, my Ring Doorbell went back to be “hardwired”.

Mines just gone back to hardwired but I didn’t need to remove the battery

Both of my hardwired Doorbell 2 were showing being on battery as of a week ago. They are installed in different houses in different states and has been operating at near 100% battery, with aggressive battery draining settings, for a few years! As of yesterday, they both started showing back on “hardwired.” However, one of the units, after I dialed back the settings, has continued to drain the battery from 20% down to 8% and the other has drained from 99% down to 69%. It’s not clear to me if 1) there was a previous FW update that disabled charging, 2) Power usage has gone up significantly following the latest (or the previous) update? Since the 24hrs after I noticed the “Hardwired” indicator coming back, I have not noticed any increase in either battery levels (gone down instead)!?

My parents are reporting same issue with their Doorbell 2 after this Hardwired to Battery back to Hardwired incident which occured.

Theirs is back to saying Hardwired but the battery level is going down. I called Ring support for them and they say its "normal’. Sounds like BS because it was always 100% before even the Ring agent saw that.

At this point Ring said to monitor for 3 days and reply to their email. From experience next thing they will ask for is to completely reset it which never has fixed anything in the past …

@mcpete and @JetRocket11 - which power adapter are you using for the Ring 2 doorbell? Because it seems it require ‘12VAC’ and Ring is not selling an adaptor for that? Even though Ring Video Doorbell Plug-In Adapter | Video Doorbell Power Adapter state that it support the Ring 2.

And do you still have problems with the ring 2 doorbell not sees that it being hardwired?