Ring Doorbell 3 is discharging even hardwired!

I recently bought a Ring Videodoorbell 3 and a new transformer 24Vac with 1A (so 24VA). I installed it yesterday and since then, the battery drop from 77% to 71%!

The only moment it has charged was at night, where the battery changed from 73% to 74%.

What can be happening? Shouldn’t it be charging?

Hi @vctgomes. Hardwiring a battery-powered Video Doorbell will provide a trickle charge to the battery so you may not have to charge it as often. Depending on the activity level of your Doorbell, it may still discharge more quickly than it can be charged via the hardwiring. For more information, review our Help Center article here.

I’m experiencing the same. I even bought a new battery pack but still discharges.

Will try setting it so that it doesn’t use too much battery and see what happens.

In any case, what would be the best voltage and current specs for a transformer? I currently have a 12Vdc 50VA

Hi @vazquezjm. A 16V 30VA transformer is ideal for homes with older doorbell systems. Other than that, a transformer that meets the requirements of 8–24 VAC at a maximum of 40 VA will work. Also, DC transformers are not supported.

Thanks @Justin_Ring

I tried with a 24Vac with the same result (the doorbell keeps discharging). I tried both battery packs, the used one and the new one I bought a few weeks ago.

At this point I think the Doorbell 3 device is defective :slightly_frowning_face:

@vazquezjm. I appreciate you putting in the effort to get this resolved. The next best step would be to contact our support team to take a deeper look into your concern. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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