Ring doorbell 3 hardwire

The more I look the more different answers I find. - Please-
1–For the video doorbell 3 what size hardwire transformer is best? (Not the range of volts & VA just the best volts & VA)
2–Is the wirewound resistor needed with the hardwire transformer?

Hi @jjastro. For the Video Doorbell 3, the power requirements on the transformer are 8-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz. Anywhere within this range is going to be sufficient, as hardwiring the Doorbell 3 to an existing doorbell circuit will provide a trickle charge that helps keep your Ring’s battery topped off. If you’re hardwiring the Doorbell directly to a low-voltage transformer, a resistor is not needed. You can reference our Help Center Article here, and you may also want to contact a licensed electrician if you need assistance with this type of wiring. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

The description on your site says the wire wound resistor is for the Ring 3 and Ring 3 plus. Is this a mistake in the description or is there a condition that it is in fact needed?

@jjastro Thanks for letting me know, I’ll share that information with my team! A resistor is not needed for any installation of the Video Doorbell 3 or 3 Plus. :slight_smile: