Ring Doorbell 3 Faceplate Clip Broken 1 Year Warranty Claim

Hi there Ring Support,

I bought a Ring Doorbel 3 back in 2023 and it has been perfect since I bought, soon this year when I was recharging the battery I discovered the face plate clip that is on the actual Ring Doorbell itself had broken off. I was shocked to discover this, as I am usually a very gentle guy when I recharge the battery, I remove slowley and carefully, and when I found this out I was confused on how. I would like to know whether I can get a warranty claim and get it replaced or repaired by Ring. I bought this from Costco Australia, however I still have the manufacturers warranty which Ring provided themselves. PLEASE HELP!

Hi @user79115. The Ring Community is a public forum aimed towards general troubleshooting assistance. For assistance with a damaged Ring device, you will need to reach out to our support team directly via one of the phone numbers here. Our support team can review the damage and the warranty to determine the best solution.