Ring Doorbell 3 Connectivity Issues

I recently purchased the Ring Doorbell 3 and set it up yesterday.

It took several attempts to connect the doorbell to the WiFi but it eventually worked.

I’ve been having issues with a delay between the app notifying me there is an event outside and the opening of the live camera. This is taking considerably longer than expected and anyone approaching the door has rung and waited before the app opens.

I checked the signal strength and the RSSI outside is 60 and is 50 when next to the router(quite worrying). I’ve tried resetting the router, reconnecting the device and giving the doorbell its own reserved MAC address.

Any ideas with help?

Hi @MS70. It sounds like you may want to look into improving the RSSI on your Doorbell to ensure that it’s receiving a strong wifi signal. A good place to start is our Community Post on RSSI here, as well as this Help Center Article on different ways to improve the RSSI. Improving the RSSI should resolve any delays you’re experiencing with notifications or Live View. :slight_smile: