Ring Doorbell 3 connect to wire & battery

I have a Ring Doorbell 3 that is wired to my doorbell transformer. After about 8 months my battery charge decreased to 39%. This happened last year as well and I had my electrician come out to check the wiring since he mounted & installed my Ring Doorbell 3 connecting it to a doorbell transformer. It is mounted on the outside wall of my Condo. I thought there was something wrong with my
Ring Doorbell 3 but there were no loose wires so I charged the battery …… that was 8 months ago. So 8 months later it happened again. The RING team were helpful but they didn’t give me the answer that I needed. Upon research I learned that it is not considered hardwired because Ring Doorbell 3……(not Ring Doorbell 3 Pro) is battery powered even though it’s connected to a doorbell transformer and so the battery will still need to be recharged about once every 8 to 12 months. Connecting it to a doorbell transformer supplies a small amount of power to keep the battery charged but as I said the battery will still need to be recharged every 8 to 12 months. It took a lot of time, energy, and research to resolve this issue and so I can cancel my scheduled appointment with the electrician😊 I hope this helps anyone who hasn’t figured this out!

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Hi @TM8. Yes, this is correct. You can learn more about the trickle charge that hardwiring provides here.

I can’t get my chime work with my doorbell at all

Hi @user1908. Try creating a new topic about your concern, as this topic already has a solution and your post is “off-topic”. Thank you, neighbor.