Ring Doorbell 3 can't connect to Orbi Pro wifi network

Have been trying to setup Ring doorbell 3 to an Orbi Pro wifi network. No luck. The Ring app on my phone successfully starts setup for adding new device. Connects the Ring app to the doorbell’s Wifi network. Can select the desired wifi network (hosted by Orbi Pro) and enter password. Never connects to wifi. Frustrating.

Can connect computers, phones, and TVs to the wifi network without any issues.

Have seen several articles on Netgear/Orbi site as well as this forum about issues connecting Ring devices to Orbit wifi networks.

Have Ring solar pathway lights on order. Should I expect the same wifi connection issues?

Any alternative to returning the Ring gear?

Thank you for covering all these steps @glsc! Sorry to see it is not working still. Something worth trying is to create a standard 2.4 Ghz guest network with a standard SSID and Password, as well as with standard security. On the last step of setup, when connecting to your home wifi network, there will be an option to add a hidden network. This option will allow you to manually enter your network details. I recommend trying this method to complete a setup.

Check out our ports and protocols article to see if this information might apply to your network. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: