Ring Doorbell 3 - App failing to connect to Live Feed but can answer door bell with minimal problems

Hi All,
We installed a ring doorbell 3 last week and all worked well at first but now when me or my wife tries to connect to the live feed sometimes it works but a lot of the time it says Failed to Connect “were having trouble connecting to your front door”.
I’ve done the connection test on the ring app and its well above the speed needed, i’ve also tested our wifi in the house and my phone states 67mbs download and 25mbs upload so more than enough.
The router is situated in the porch about 45cm from the doorbell so shouldnt be a problem there, i am sat about 2 metres from both and still it says failed to connect.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance

@Nexus666 What is the RSSI showing as in the app under device health? Internet speed isn’t as important as signal strength. Ring devices only need a few mbps to work. Also try making sure the doorbell is connected to the 2.4ghz wifi band. Even one exterior wall can block 5ghz wifi.

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Hi, Thanks for replying, the RSSI is showing as -55
I’m not sure what band its connected to, how do i check this?

Thanks again

@Nexus666 That RSSI value is fairly good. Do you only see one WiFi network that your router broadcasts? If so you need to go into the settings and split the wifi bands so you have a 2.4ghz network and a 5ghz network. Can I also ask what sort if WiFi set up you have? Is it a mesh system?

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