Ring Doorbell 3+ AC or DC transformer

The installation support at How to Connect Your Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus Directly to a Low Voltage Transformer (Without a Pre-existing Doorbell) – Ring Help
tells me to use an AC 24v supply. It says DC is not supported. I have tried using an AC transformer, it made a short circuit and blew a fuse.
The Ring transformer at
Ring Video Doorbell Plug-In Adapter | Video Doorbell Power Adapter
is described as having a 24V DC output and says it works with the Ring 3+ doorbell.
These cannot both be correct. I want to get a transformer for direct connection to the 3+ so which type should I buy, AC or DC output?

Hi @MartinSach. Thank you for calling this to our attention! For the Doorbell 3 Plus, DC is not supported, except when connecting to the Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd Gen). I let my team know this information was not displayed in the Help Center Article and it should be updated to reflect this now. The transformer you use for the Doorbell 3 Plus does need to be an AC transformer, as DC is not supported. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Caitlyn, thank you for replying. I checked the spec of the plug-in adapter (2nd generation) and it still says that the output from this is 24VDC, 0.5A, 12.0W. So I am still confused. DC is not supported, you say, and the help page says, except when connecting to the Ring Plug-in adapter (2nd Generation). But this adapter has a DC output. So are you saying that this device has some clever circuitry that allows it to be used even though it provides DC output, whereas any other DC transformer would not work?