Ring Doorbell 3+ AC or DC transformer

The installation support at https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041599492-How-to-Connect-Your-Ring-Video-Doorbell-3-Plus-Directly-to-a-Low-Voltage-Transformer-Without-a-Pre-existing-Doorbell-
tells me to use an AC 24v supply. It says DC is not supported. I have tried using an AC transformer, it made a short circuit and blew a fuse.
The Ring transformer at
is described as having a 24V DC output and says it works with the Ring 3+ doorbell.
These cannot both be correct. I want to get a transformer for direct connection to the 3+ so which type should I buy, AC or DC output?

Hi @MartinSach. Thank you for calling this to our attention! For the Doorbell 3 Plus, DC is not supported, except when connecting to the Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd Gen). I let my team know this information was not displayed in the Help Center Article and it should be updated to reflect this now. The transformer you use for the Doorbell 3 Plus does need to be an AC transformer, as DC is not supported. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Caitlyn, thank you for replying. I checked the spec of the plug-in adapter (2nd generation) and it still says that the output from this is 24VDC, 0.5A, 12.0W. So I am still confused. DC is not supported, you say, and the help page says, except when connecting to the Ring Plug-in adapter (2nd Generation). But this adapter has a DC output. So are you saying that this device has some clever circuitry that allows it to be used even though it provides DC output, whereas any other DC transformer would not work?

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The OP is > 1 year old and I still so no clear resolution of this. The doorbell 3 clearly says it does not support DC power but can be powered by the Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd Gen) and the specs for that clearly say its output is DC. This same question has been posted many places with no clear answer. Come on Ring, get your act together and let your customers know what is going on here.

I would love to connect the 18VDC I have behind my DoorBell3 from a previous video doorbell system, but have never done so as the specs claim it will not work (and possibly damage the system).