Ring Doorbell 2nd Generation - device health says 'add battery'

I cannot get my ring doorbell 2nd gen to work. I have recently moved house and it was working fine when i boxed up. I have plugged into charge up and it is not recognising battery exists. I have tried 3 different leads and nothing. The blue light comes on and flashes about 6 times then nothing. I have updated new location, wifi in Ring app and device is online. As i cannot ‘replace’ battery in the 2nd gen version is it now caput? Do i need to buy another device? Can anyone assist please?

Hi @Clare555. Trying other chargers was an excellent step to take. Try factory resetting the Doorbell by pressing and holding the setup button for 20–25 seconds, and then reconnecting it to your wifi. If you have tried this step and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call for further assistance.

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