Ring Doorbell 2nd Gen Power

I purchased the new 2nd Gen version of Ring Doorbell. Works fine. However, that is via battery. And it is a pain to have to keep taking the battery off to charge it. (I wish the security screws were held in place so they do not fall onto the ground!!!)

Anyway, my original doorbell with chim inside worked well. So I was under the assumption I could wire those two wires onto my Ring Doorbell to help keep the battery charged?

It would appear to be Zero Volts across the two wires tho? Maybe I am using the volt meter wrong?!? Or is that normal?

Also if I do connect them to my Ring Doorbell, will that now work my original chime in the house?

Thank you.

Hey @AndyGee. What kind of internal chime kit do you have? You can verify if it’s compatible with the Doorbell in our Help Center Article here.