Ring Doorbell 2nd Gen hardwired but not charging properly

My 2nd Gen Ring doorbell suddenly will not charge. Nothing has changed, it has worked perfectly for 4 years. I live in Northern California, the temperature here does not go below 40 degrees so it’s not that. On the app it shows as hardwired but it will not charge past “very poor” even though it shows that it is charging. Is it an app issue? Or a device issue? I’ve removed it, re-installed it, no change. Any suggestions, ideas, anything?

Hey @scareyrider. Could you take the battery out of the Doorbell, charge it up to full (when plugged in, battery will show just a green light and not a green and amber light), put the battery back in and see if the app updates the battery level after 24 hours? After the Doorbell has had a couple events, it should update with the proper and more recent charge report!

Take the actual battery out of the Doorbell device?

@scareyrider Yes, you said you have the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation? This will be the Ring Video Doorbell 2, which has a removablee battery under the faceplate that you take out to charge. If you have the Ring Video Doorbell, you will have to take it down and charge it via the micro USB port in the back. :slight_smile:

I have the model depicted here:


There’s no removable face plate nor is there a removable battery. So you’re saying once I charge it via USB, it will maintain a charge once reinstalled with a hardwired power source? Is there a reason why the hardwire suddenly does not work for charging? Because that’s where it’s been now for about 18 hours and it still shows as only 10% charged. Why is hardwired charging not sufficient?

@scareyrider Makes sense, but yep, you have the Ring Video Doorbell which charges from the back. If you have charged it for more than 8 hours and it is not holding a charge and staying stuck at around 10%, you will need to follow up with our support team here on this concern!

The battery needs to be charged up every once in awhile, and normally if you have a lower number of events, the battery can stay charged from the trickle charge you get from hardwiring. Although, if the device cannot stay charged after manually charging it as you have, that will need to be addressed with our support team.