Ring Doorbell 2nd gen could not detect and connect to WiFi7 Router which have exceeded length in Beacon/Probe Response

We’re checking with some new WiFi 7 router and detect that Ring Doorbell 2nd gen wouldn’t able to scan and connect to some AP which have too much elements in Beacon/Probe Response.
It seems like Ring Doorbell has its limit for checking the length of tag parameters in Beacon/Probe Response which cause this issue.
It should be a limited in Ring Doorbell 2 and this issue is not seen when I tested with other devices and Ring Camera also.
Need Ring develop team help to check because if we go to WiFi 8 for the next couple few years with more elements in Beacon/Probe Response, Ring might get this issue a lot

Additional information,
Looks like Ring Doorbell 2 would not accept Beacon with the Tagged parameters > 476 bytes

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