Ring doorbell(2nd Gen/2020 Release) slow charging and hardwired

Hi, My ring doorbell(2nd Gen/2020 Release) charges slow and is hardwired. I have been observing for several days, no doorbell event(Ring Alerts), there were about 3 motion events and 2 live-views every day, and the snapshot frequency is “Every14 minutes”. Battery charging can only increase by about 10%(It probably stays at around 80%, Can’t be full. It stayed at around 70% when snapshot frequency was “Every 5 minutes” ). PowerSource shows “Hardwired”. SignalStrenth is “RSSI-59”. Firmware is “Up to date”. The same hard-wiring (24V AC) used to work well with the first-generation ring doorbell. Any idea? Thanks.

I have Gen2 doorbell as well and it’s hardwired and ring app is telling me to charge the device. Not saving recordings not alerting to any motions and not saving live feeds. We just got this one since the previous doorbell stopped working.

Hi neighbors. Hardwiring your Doorbell serves as a trickle charge to your battery, and not a main source of power. The Doorbell will still operate off of the battery even when it is hardwired. This trickle charge has the capability to charge around 10% per day, depending on the amount of activity and the RSSI of the device. Based on what you described @MacZ, it would seem that your Doorbell is charging as intended.

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As per ring helpdesk staff, the charging process for hard-wired doorbells is very slow . My doorbell 2 battery was at 45% when I connected it to a power adapter.