Ring Doorbell 2nd Gen 2020 Release - Constant ringing

I just bought and installed my Ring doorbell 2 2020 release, hardwired to my existing digital doorbell. For the 1st few days it worked great! Now it constantly rings. I have had to unhook it from my doorbell wiring.

I have read that this release does not need the diode for hard wiring.

Anyone else having similar issue and come up with a solution.


Hi @KLBAZ. First, check the settings in your Ring app-

  1. Device Settings

  2. General Settings

  3. Select your Chime Kit type (Mechanical or Digital).

This should correct your concern!

I have tried this and it still just rings and rings. I have toggled between the 2 digital settings and nothing works. any other suggestions?

Hi @KLBAZ. Have you checked this list here to confirm that your Chime Kit is compatible? Also, what is the voltage rating for your Doorbell transformer? Additionally, you can try a rest on your Doorbell by pressing and holding the Setup Button for 20 seconds, then releasing and reconnecting to WiFi.