Ring doorbell 2020 v2


Having real trouble with my 2020 ring doorbell.

It got down to around 15% battery so I charged it fully.

The app showed hardwired 99%. So I unplugged and reinstalled outside.

Noticed it was offline so took it off, re-added the wireless and nothing.

It also seems that if it’s plugged in it works fine (fine in that the white circle spins). Unplug and it goes off)

Unit doesn’t respond to pressing the front button or orange button.

Plug it back in and it will let you reset, connect to it etc.

Any ideas? It does this sound faulty? As even though I can connect to the device it doesn’t connect to wifi.

(My other 2 ring cameras and everything else in the house is fine) so think it might be this unit.

Anyone had this before after charging?

(I’ve had this doorbell about 25 days as needed charging after its first charge)

For anyone who finds this. I resolved it by letting the doorbell charge fully, then unplugged it.

After about 2 hours of being unplugged it started up on its own battery powered.

Connect to WIFI, back to working fully.

It’s a pain of this has to be done every month I charge it but at least I know what to do.

  1. plug in fully charge
  2. unplug leave (for around 2 hours)
  3. wait for it to startup on its own
  4. follow setup in App
  5. back up and running
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