Ring Doorbell 2020 release not reconnecting to wifi after router reboot

I have experienced this 3 times so far, if my router is rebooted or if we have an internet outage, when the router is back up and everything else in the house can connect to WiFi the Ring Doorbell stays offline and never reconnects.

On top of that if I go through the reconnect device steps, it will get to the point where I have to connect to the ring’s wifi network to complete the setup, I can’t connect to the Ring’s wifi, my iPhone refuses to connect to the network.

The only solution I have have found is holding the orange button until the unit resets, then I can go through the process of completing the setup and getting the unit back online.

I have never had any issues in the past with other Ring units like this, all those would reconnect on their own after an internet outage or router reboot.

Having to unmount the unit and go through these steps every time the router is rebooted or there is some internet outage is not acceptable.

Should I look to return or exchange this unit?


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Hi @inchh1gh. After a temporary wifi outage, your Ring Doorbell typically should automatically reconnect to the wifi network after the wifi is back up. If it’s not doing this, that could be due to the strength of the wifi connection the Doorbell has, which is measured by the RSSI. I’d recommend checking the RSSI on the Device Health page to see what it indicates. A higher RSSI would mean a less stable connection, so the Doorbell may not be able to automatically reconnect after a wifi outage in this situation. We also have some additional information on wifi in our Help Center Article here, which may be helpful. :slight_smile:

It reports RSSI-37, and seems to have no problem connecting when in configuration mode.

I saw a mention in another forum post about a special character in the wifi pw could cause an issue, is that a real thing?

A special character can indeed cause an issue with connecting to a WiFi network. This can be adjusted in your router settings. Check out our Help Center article for more tips. :slight_smile: