Ring Doorbell (2020 Release) Doesn't Work

To put it simply, my Ring Video Doorbell (2020 Release) does not work.

I have spent countless hours with customer support trying to get it set up over the course of about a month now, and I believe it is now stuck in a boot loop. This is already a replacement device, as my first device was determined to be faulty. I was sent a replacement Chime Pro as well, as I could not connect this device or the first to my WiFi (potential VPN interferance because I work from home). After this device was connected succesfully to my Chime Pro, the camera would not go live, the doorbell itself would not do anything, and the only notifications I am getting are when I sign in looking for help. The Ring Doorbell is now flashing a blue light (1 on 1 off) and has been doing so for over an hour. I have tried a hard reset, I have set it up multiple times, etc. etc., and I am becoming frustrated, as I was going to use this for home security, but have now had almost a month’s worth of failed setups and product replacements instead of being able to see what’s going on at my home.

Additionally, my Ring Protect trial is active, and I can’t use it because the doorbell doesn’t work. At this rate, the trial will expire before I can even get the doorbell to work.

The support chat feature on the website doesn’t work and has never worked for me in any browser, so I am coming here instead of calling support again at 7pm.

I have received great customer support over the phone, so this isn’t on them at all. This is just becoming tedious and frustrating, as I ordered the product on March 13 thinking it would work.

Hi @maryhigh. It sounds like you have done a great deal of troubleshooting. One thing I can recommend, which you may or may not have already tried, is to connect your Doorbell to a wifi hotspot. Doing this eliminates distance and wifi variables, letting you narrow down what may be the cause. If you can connect the Doorbell to a wifi hotspot and successfully Live View, the issue may reside with your ISP. I hope this information is helpful.