Ring doorbell 2

I’m not getting any voice alerts on my phone at all when there is motion at my front door or if someone is at my front door.

Hi @Loretta57! If you are not getting any audible alerts to your mobile device, I recommend removing and reinstalling the Ring app first. Upon reinstalling, please be sure to allow audio permissions for full functionality.

If you are not getting the alert tones you are wanting, please follow the steps in our help center article to change the alert tones. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I had this same problem last week, the fix worked for less than 7 days. I’ve been on the phone with RING for over 3 hours now and it is still not fixed. The steps so far:

1 - press the orange button the the back of the RING doorbell to reset it.

2 - reset it up in the application

3 - deinstall and reinstall the RING app on the cell phone

4 - reboot the cell phone

Ensure all settings are correct - notifications for sound are on, the ring app is set to notify, etc.


I’m about to give up

I will talk on my phone sometimes but not for all motion or presence of someone at my door.