Ring doorbell 2

My ring has been working fine for months. It is hardwired/powered by old doorbell. Recently rebooted Netgear router and at some point noticed I wasn’t receiving alerts. Checked dashboard and it stated not hooked up to WiFi. I went through the reconnect instructions and it has failed to reconnect. Called tech support and went through it several more times and no luck. The accent from the tech support person didn’t help matters as I am hard of hearing. Any suggestions?

Hi @Rencon! With the offline status being initiated by a router reboot, I recommend trying a reboot another time just to ensure the all of the router’s functions are active. If a new setup in the Ring app is still not completing successfully, please check your router/ network settings for any conflicting features, firewalls, or disabled functions. You router support might also have an update available.

If all other devices in your home (including streaming devices) are connecting, but your Ring device is not, please reach out to our support team, by phone or chat, for more in-depth troubleshooting.