Ring Doorbell 2 won't connect after pulling the battery to be charged

I’m all of a sudden having issues with my ring 2 doorbell. I did a battery change and now I can’t get it to connect to my network. I have 2 other ring products working on the same network currently. I’ve done everything I know to do and the website has suggested. Please help!

Adiitonally my battery only lasts 20 days or so even with a short event list.

Hey @genegoesfast. What error message do you run into when you are trying to reconnect the Doorbell? Please ensure you are trying to bring it back online by setting it up again via the Device Health page. If you cannot reconnect the Doorbell to wifi this way, try removing the Doorbell and re-setting it up! For any roadblocks you may run into there, take that screenshot of the message you’re stuck at and reply with it here so I can take another look into it! :slight_smile: