Ring doorbell 2 video needs major adjustment

So I just bought a Ring doorbell 2 and installed it at my front door without any trouble at all. The issue is that my front door is under a covered porch. The video durring the daytime is unviewable. It’s so bright that you wouldn’t be able to see someone walking in the middle of my yard if you tried. Is there any way at all that we can adjust the brightness/contrast?

Unfortunately, huge contrast differences with covered porches, especially one as deep and wide as yours, pose problems to the cameras at long distances. First, it’s a doorbell camera, so it was designed around being able to see and identify who is right at the door, not much further away. So distance vision isn’t a part of the design, though sometimes you can get useful distance video, this isn’t the purpose of the device and you may be expecting more of the device than its design limits allowed. Remember, it’s a doorbell camera, for people at the door. You may be best served with a separate security camera that will cover your yard mounted somewhere not under the porch, rather than relying on a doorbell camera for more than its intended design parameters.

But your case looks a bit extreme, so HDR may be turned off as well, so it’s worth seeing if it’s a simple fix. Make sure the firmware and app is updated and also check the Video Settings tile and ensure HDR is enabled (if you don’t see it, it’s still on old firmware, and calling support would help since they can force a firmware update). With HDR, they’re usually able to manage the contrast differences fairly well, up to a point. Though your situation is very extreme based on the angle of the light, the depth of your porch with how much area you’re expecting to cover, and the reflective siding, so if HDR is currently disabled, enabling it may only help so much.

Also, if that doesn’t help, I’d advise calling support. They have more diagnostics from the video stream, so the can possibly make remote adjustments.

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Hey! I just bought my Ring 2 and Ring Pro. I’m experiencing the same thing and I’m a rookie in such things. Can anyone link a definitive YouTube guide for me to watch? I need to fix this fast.

Hey @georgebalanchine! If you are experiencing a similar brightness/ exposure concern as described above, we recommend exploring different viewing angles using our wedge or corner kits. Visit the Ring.com accessories page, to see if the Wedge or Corner Kits may work for you. Other than angling the device differently, feel free to reach out to our support team for more isolated troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

I have the same issue and bought a wedge kit and nothing changed. Who can I reach out to for assistance with this matter?

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Hey @krys2315! Feel free to reach out to our support team, at 800-656-1918, for further assistance. Thank you :slight_smile: