Ring doorbell 2 video at night

When I first install the doorbell 2 I get color video at night with the porch light on. Then it goes away then into night vision. This is the doorbell 2. My ring doorbell 720p works perfectly at night in color. If I do a hard reset on my Db2 the color at night works for 10 r so seconds then goes off back to night vision and will not work again. The porch light is super bright. This is my second camera as I received a replacement because ring said the first camera was bad. Well, this db2 is not any better. Think it’s time to get my money back and move on. I’ve called many times, I was told not enough light or that the db2 does not video in colour at night even with the lights on. The lady seen the video of my camera video at night in color and had no answer. She even said it does not work at night but the video proved it does. Hmm.

Hi @MHickman, could you possibly share a video showing an example of the view from your Video Doorbell 2 in the evening?

Yes, I will do this tonight as I already cleaned out my old videos before I read this message. If I reset the camera I will get full color at night with porch light on for about 3 seconds then camera switches into night vision. I’ll post one after dark tonight. Thank you.
If there was a way for you to look at Sunday, July 28 at 9:33 & 9:37 pm you would see it swatch over from color. I give you full permission to look at those videos.

HI @MHickman, thank you for the permission. However, I am unable to see any of your videos. But I do look forward to seeing the view when you are able to include it :slight_smile:

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This is with the porch light on and security light on the driveway.

Thanks for sharing that video example @MHickman ! It definitely helps to see what the Doorbell is seeing. That light is certainly very bright, however the left side of the area looks dark still. Being that there are still dark areas, even though the light fully illuminates the entry way itself, it may be that the lens adjustement is catering to the entire environment rather than just the entryway.

If you want, let’s try shining a light (flashlight, phone flashlight, etc) directly at the Video Doorbell 2 while video is initiating to see if it will adjust to color this way. Feel free to share a video of that test with the results, thanks again! :slight_smile:

I did the flashlight test Sunday and this did work but the color went away. I covered the lens last night after I got in from work and manipulated the camera to view in colour again then it went away. I’ll try out the adapter face plates and adjust for the lighting. Here’s a video of last night.

@MHickman, thank you for attempting this test, which does show the device is able to show in color daytime view when enough light is directly on it. So it seems that as Marley said there is currently not enough light shining on it in the evening for the device to be in daytime mode. It is intended functionality for the Video Doorbell 2 to not record in color when it’s dark outside.


My ring door bell 2 turns night vision when motion is detected. Daytime it works fine. When I did the flash light test it didn’t turn night vision. But why is it that a person can trigger night vision where there is still light on the porch even when a person is there and doesn’t make it have night vision?

Mine does the same thing. Very frustrating as I had the Ring 1 with zero issues and showed in colour. Thought I’d upgrade and now it drives me crazy I only can see black and white even though I have a bright porch light less than 2 feet away from my Ring 2.

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I hope a firmware upgrade or something couldn’t fix this than returning

I have ring doorbell 2 as well i replaced my intergated led porch light with a screw in bulb porch light put in a 1600 lumens 100 watt bulb back to color at night

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