Ring Doorbell 2 suddenly far more sensitive

Similar to a post about the RD Pro, my RD2 has suddenly gone bonkers getting constant motion alerts. During the day it must have been catching the shadow of a tree moving because it was going off multiple times per minute. I took the battery out for a few minutes to reset it but didn’t make a difference. As it got dark outside, the alerts continued but not as frequent, maybe several times per hour. I used to get maybe 10 alerts per day, if not fewer… it has actually been pretty good up to this point.

But with this spike in sensitivity, I’m curious if anyone else is experiencing the same?

Edit: toggling people only mode on and off made no difference either way.

Mine just started to have the exact same issue. Seems like the same problem with the ring pro customers that wrote the thread in October. I have minimized my motion range much smaller than I had it previously when I hardly ever got any erroneous motion alerts and I am still getting the alerts at night which will wake me up for no reason to boot, so changing the sensor zone does not seem to help during the day or at night. This is really frustrating. I didn’t want to change my motion zones because I liked the area I was monitoring. I would prefer to keep my zones where they were and have it work like it used to. I cannot add the people sensor only because I don’t have a pro account and not am I interested in paying more for a device/service given the experience of others in these threads in the past with this same issue. One, it sounds like it won’t help anyways, two I don’t want to spend more on a service that is not working properly.