Ring doorbell 2 - stops motion detecting


We’ve had a Ring Doorbell 2 for a couple of months and all is well except for the fact that it randomly stops detecting motion every week or so. It’s like it goes to sleep and needs waking up, as when we alter the settings momentarily or press the doorbell button it seems OK again for another week or so. It isn’t the case that it has paused motion detection because it has just been set off, as it is a while since the previous event.

We have motion detections alerts several times a day (until this happens) and the doorbell gets rung most days so it does work most of the time. Motion Frequency is set to ‘regularly’ and sensitivity is a little over the middle of the range, which is usually right for us.

Any ideas? Thanks!

This is very odd to hear, @Hampshire2020. There is no feature or option that should simply pause motion detection in this manner. Of course, it’s worth checking for any motion scheduling options you might have, but motion should not inexplicably stop for a long period of time. During these times, it’s best to check network performance just to ensure there is not any interference with signal or resources. There may be times when your Video Doorbell is updating, but the behavior you’ve explained seems to be happening more frequently than an update would occur. If the above factors do not seem related, try resetting your Doorbell by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. Once the reset is complete, please reconnect the Doorbell and monitor for some time to see if this concern persists. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: