Ring doorbell 2 spurious issues and connection problems

I have a ring doorbell 2, I’m having nothing but issues, shows strong WiFi it’s about 3ft from the Eero branded router, strength 55, and we don’t get ring notifications until after the visitor has left, when we do get the notification there is no video and nothing in the time line, can’t get live view, I have a linked camera that captures video under the linked camera system, (my son goes out, drive camera gets called to record as its linked to the doorbell, before motion can be sensed by the drive camera, but nothing on the doorbell). Even though it obviously captured something as it called for the linked camera. I’ve factory reset is, removed from app and reinstalled as new but same issue persists, I can open the app and the window will update to the live view but when I select the window for the larger view it will not connect telling to check wifi connection, rebooting helps for a short period but this has been constant for weeks now, do I need a new device? How can it not capture anything but call for linked devices if not connected? And events I do get notifications for are not in the timeline?

Hi @Leport. Is there a particular error message you see in the Ring app when you view the Event History for the Doorbell 2? With an active subscription plan, motion or ding events should be viewable in the Event History after the video processes.

With your Eero router, do you have a whole mesh system set up? I know the Eero system is a mesh system, so this typically includes additional nodes outside of the router that devices can connect to. If you have additional nodes, where are these placed in relation to the Doorbell 2?