Ring doorbell 2 sound quality very bad

I just bought the ring doorbell 2 and the sound is also terrible as other users here. A ridiculous amount of background noise like an alien breathing constantly.
People at the door can hear me but I can’t hear them. I can see the lips move and hear cars pass but no voice.
For being so expensive and meant to be the best it’s very disappointing that it doesn’t even work to the point I’m going to return it.

I’ll attach a clip when I can figure out how to convert it to a format that ''tis will accept.

Hey @Anniman. If you can compress the file into a ZIP file, you can attach it here! In addition, you can get a share link if you attempt to share the video via email or text message, as it will create a URL that you can copy and paste here. Lastly, feel free to check out our Ring Help Center Article here to learn how to fix poor audio on your device!