Ring doorbell 2 solar charger

I have the above doorbell with the solar charger which has been fine since last February, last weekend it showed in ‘device health’ ‘solar charger - not connected’, after speaking to support and connecting another charger which I just happened to have a spare the same response. They have sent me a new doorbell but the response is the same. Any ideas? I suspect a software issue.

Having read the posts it seems until sub 90% battery state is reached the charger wil not display any perfoamnce. I’ll wait until then.

Since the recent apparent server ‘crash’ which just happened to co-incide with me installing or trying to install my replacment Doorbell3 sent as a replacment for the Doorbell 2 (which refused to connect any longer to the solar charger) the Ring Dorbell 3 now is connected, although there is insufficent sun currently to create any charge value. Initially it dropped out but after a second attempt I did notice a software update in operation and all seems well for the moment.

Another update on this. The solar charger has disconnected and refuses to re-connect. Just about to give up on this system.

I’m having the same issue too, and I just installed mine this past Saturday, the 28th. Says within the device health, that the battery is currently at 88%. And solar status is “Not Connected”.
I’m wondering the same thing too, if I have a faulty unit. Or (which I don’t see how) I installed it wrong. But it seems pretty simple.

I’m hoping it’s just no sun at this time of year or not enough anyway. Just re-installed mine but to no avail. Battery at ‘76%’. Solar Staus ‘Not Connected’. As you say it’s not something you should or could get wrong when fitting it’s straight forward.

Having seen some sun this morning the solar charger is working. Thus:-

‘Battery Level 74%.’

Solar Status - ‘Connected’.

‘Ring Solar Charger is conneted and able to charge this device’.

I can only conclude sun is important!

But why it disconnects now and then is unknown.

Now its disconnected again since the sun vanished. Battery level 69%.

Today we had some sun, not much this time of year, the solar charger is once again ‘connected’ and ‘able to charge this device’. It’s clear to me these devices hand out misleading information. RING should either resolve this or make it clear false and misleading information should be ignored.