Ring doorbell 2 solar charger slow charge

I have just installed a new solar charger for my Ring Doorbell 2 (battery). The device is connected and able to charge the doorbell according to the device health in the app. However, I only see the battery depleting, it has not once increased in charge. I’m in CA and the solar charger has full sun for most of the day, every day. I installed on Saturday and the battery was at 88%. Now it’s Monday and the the battery is at 77%. At this rate, I’m still going to have to manually charge the battery reasonably often - which begs the question what is the point of the solar charger if it can’t actually charge the battery.

Does the solar charger actually manage to charge the battery, or only slightly increase it’s longevity between charges? Not sure if my charger is defective, or it’s simply inadequate to actually charge that battery.