Ring doorbell 2 poor wifi connection

Hi there, @CheesyWotsits! In most cases, wifi signal should not change abruptly if nothing in the environment changed. While resources and signal can fluctuate as a natural characteristic of wifi, your signal should remain within a general range. I recommend relocating the extender to be at a half way point between your Ring Doorbell and the router. This will ensure the signal received by the extender is just as efficient as what is being outputted.

As a test, try moving the Video Doorbell inside near the router to see if signal improves when nearby and connected to the main router. Then, re-introduce the extender to gauge how far the signal can reach with it. This should help with extender placement, and optimal signal. It’s always a good step to reboot your router and check for any updates, as this can clear the network of any inefficiencies. Feel free to also check out our Community post about RSSI. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: