Ring doorbell 2 poor wifi connection

I dont understand why my doorbell has poor wifi. The router is no more than 2m away buy the window, so no real blockages. I have external wireless CCTV cameras that are much further away and they work perfectly t
Fine. The doorbell was fine for the 1st 2 weeks and then decided not to work properly. If someone rings the doorbell I would be likely if I get a chime, and if I do it is majorly delayed. I have rang support and they politely blame my wifi, which I know is not the problem as everything else including Nest works fine. Keep getting told to buy the extender, but why if the plug would in fact be further away than the router. Does anyone have any suggestions apart from bining it?

When you talked to support, what was your upload speed next to your router and next to your device with any doors/windows closed?

Hi Jennifer,

The upload speed next to the router was 27mbps and outside with doors and windows closed was 21mbps.

I am having the same issue. My dashboard will not even load anymore. Worked well until paid for the service. Now there is no customer support. I expected better.

Hi @Cm6501. The error message that you are running into right now is going to be something that we are currently working on. No worries, as we are aware of this and working diligently to fix this! I recommend to give it the rest of the day for us to have this resolved, and if you still have this concern with your app in 24 hours, please reach out to our support team directly here.

Thank you, I hope it works