Ring Doorbell 2 poor battery

I have had a Ring 2 for some time and due to the location I just have it running on the battery, at the start it went weeks without needing re charging now its down to a few days.

I spoke to the online chat and they agreed that the device had a fault which was causing it to go through batteries far quicker than it should and said they would send a replacement unit.

Since then I have had zero replies to any emails i’ve sent them and wondered if anyone else had (a) suffered from the Ring 2 developing a fault causing it to go through batteries in a matter of days and (b) poor customer service.

Sorry to hear about this experience @nickjohn! This is definitely not the experience we intend, as our support team is expected and trained to be most efficient. I apologize for any inconvenience. To best get this resolved, please reach out to the support team by phone, at 800-656-1918.

We will certainly share your feedback with the team as well. Check out our Community post for future reference and tips on obtaining an optimal battery charge life.