Ring Doorbell 2 not ringing

Several times, visitors have rang the doorbell and we did not hear the chimes or get notified, but when we check the footage, we can see that the doorbell was pressed and the doorbell itself made the chime, but none of our chimes or phone alerted us.

This has happened several times which is quite embarrassing as it looks like we are ignoring visitors or away when we are supposed to be indoors during covid lockdown.

Is there a fault with our doorbell?

Sorry to hear about this, @Dingdong123. As long as your ring alerts toggle is enabled in the Ring app and an app alert tone is selected for you to be notified, this notification and sound should come through. I recommend checking your event history during these times, to see if there is a motion event triggering before the button push or at the same time of. If you notice motion is picking up before the Doorbell is pressed, enabling motion notifications or chime zones will help to catch visitors as they first arrive. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: