Ring doorbell 2 not ringing inside house

I had the same problem and called their 800 number. A tech helped me solve the problem and was very patient as it took about 20 minutes. Please give them a call

I had the same problem and called their 800 number. A tech helped me solve the problem and was very patient as it took about 20 minutes. Please give them a call

Same issue here. The option has disappeared from my settings? Since this appears to be a common issue why not just post the fix? Support takes forever and I don’t understand why not just post the steps here except hope that users will get frustrated and buy the chime? I have a perfectly good doorbell wired in and have no interest in a wireless component taking up plug in space with a 5 sec delay to boot!

Unfortunately same issue here. I think Ring knows this issue but acting dumb. It all happened with firmware update and now ring wants you to buy new device. Few people I know also had same issues. $200 device only working for 2 years. What is the guarantee it won’t happen again with new device after 2 years. How come a manufacturer doesn’t not know the root cause of this issue. I called support 3 times. They sent useless resister even though there is no issue with power supply

Ok. Would you mind to share how the issue resolved. Thank you

If you have a Ring 2 this ( WILL ) work to make your original doorbell ring when you press the button & so will your phone. NOT sure HOW my honeywoman got this out of a Ring Tech but she DID ! I had READ ( ALL ) these NEGATIVE posts & was ready to RETURN it. It’s really SIMPLE when you have the CORRECT information & it ( IS ) doable contrary to what has been posted.

In the app at the top left corner there are 3 little lines with a red dot. Click on it. Click on devices. Click on front door. Go to device settings. Click on in-home chime settings. Click on advanced settings. Click on chime type. Choose mechanical. Click continue. Click on ring my in home chime. Try the doorbell. If original door bell rings click on it rang correctly & close the app.


I installed the Ring Pro after having a Nest that worked fine. I installed and it didn’t ring the in home mechanical chime. The hardware and ring app was all correct. After driving myself crazy with troubleshooting I ended up solving it. Turned out the Alexa App was the problem. I had to turn off notifications on my echo show and echo dot. Magically my mechanical chime then worked. I toggled back and forth and it confirmed the issue. If you have the echo dot or show I suggest looking at your Alexa app if you have exhausted the obvious paths (transformer, in app setting, wiring)

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I’ve been having the same problem with the doorbell working outside, but not ringing the Ring chime, activating my mechanical doorbell, sending phone alerts, or alerting through Alexa. Once I saw some comments here about calling support and it taking 20 minutes I realized what probably happened. Either a firmware or app update wiped out or corrupted settings.

Because to fix it all I did was go through some settings enabling and disabling them, or changing them and changing them back. That causes your settings to rewrite to the system. FYI my doorbell was already set to “mechanical”.

Shame on Ring for not sending out a notice about this. We all certainly know they have our email addresses.


This is exactly what was wrong with mine.
They give a free Echo Show when you buy the Pro, but then it over rides the mechanical chime.
Sounds like they have a major software glitch and needs programming.

If you have an Alexa device set to notify when doorbell is pressed, it will override and not ring mechanical bell. You have to disable on Alexa device.

One or the other, not both.

It took me 2 transformers, hours on phone with Ring customer service to no end, 1 replacement unit, and 3 weeks of messing with it. Turns out, it was Alexa.

@ring.com , fix this simple issue and rewrite your code so both will work.

I’m so glad I saw this post! I have the Ring Elite and was having the exact same issue. I’ve already had the unit replaced, spent a lot of time on the phone with support, hours troubleshooting the transformer and wiring.

The mechanical chime was already enabled in the app.

So, disabling the Alexa notifications when the doorbell is pressed fixes the issue and my mechanical doorbell rings now!

@ring Please fix this issue and allow both Alexa and the mechanical bell to operate at the same time as the previous poster requested.

I’m with you, royf007! This was driving me absolutely bonkers! But I have a bigger tale of woe.

I had a Ring Pro for two years when it all-the-sudden crapped out. I figured it was due to the hot and cold cycles in my location. I replaced it with an Arlo device, which had some nice features, but it included a “Leave a Message” prompt a few seconds after someone pressed the doorbell. I went on to the Arlo Support forums and found that users had been complaining for TWO YEARS(!) about not being able to disable this feature. In fact, I had several exchanges with Support myself. Finally, I told Arlo Support they lost a customer, and was going back to Ring.

So, I bought a new Ring Pro, set it up as I had for my previous Ring Doorbell, and the darn thing wouldn’t ring the inside doorbell, no matter what I tried! I finally saw the post about Alexa and sorted things out. Now I’m guessing that my original Ring doorbell was actually OK, it was an Alexa “update” that fouled things up!

Technology is really becoming more and more cumbersome, when it makes TOTALLY INCORRECT assumptions for users. Makes me yearn for simpler times…

This works now … I tried the same thing 10 days ago and it did not work.

I sat on the phone with support for an hour and a half for the same exact issue with my Ring Elite. Went through all the troubleshooting he knew to do and he was unable to help. Said he’d give the issue to his “back office” and they’d reach out to me. Haven’t heard anything. Very frustrating. Checked all ring settings, Alexa settings, functionality and comparability of the mechanical chime itself…

Ring requires 16v 30va to operate. Most homes don’t meet this requirement and the Ring burns up the transformer for the doorbell. Upgrade your doorbell transformer to 16v 30va and it will fix this. They are on Amazon for less than $20.

Same issue with Ring2. Mechanical chime inside house has worked fine for over a year, then one day nothing. Software update got rid of the option for mechanical chime, only the new “Ring Chime.” When I take a wire and touch both screws on the back of the Ring2, the mechanical chime inside my house operates as it should. This means the transformer is fine and works to the back of the Ring2. So process of elimination, Ring has disabled the function either intentionally or inadvertently with the software or the Ring2 device works in every way except it magically broke for the one item they have a new product out for. A software update would fix this issue in telling the Ring to complete the circuit to where the mechanical chime is hard wired. Answers Ring? It seems this has been going on now for months…

Seahound, Except that when I tough both screws on the back of the Ring, my mechanical chime works as it did before the update.

Did anyone figure out how to make it start ringing inside the house again? Since the update the only chime option you have is to buy the chime box. Guess it’s buy it or upgrade!?!?

As NormD mentioned only when I dismount the doorbell camera from the wall and touch the two screws on the back, my door chime inside my house rings.

Evidently, Ring deactivated the function for your inside chime to ring when the doorbell is pressed.

It’s disappointing to pay for a product that does a disservice to their customers. I have missed answering my door to my Mother when she attempted to visit my kids.

There is nothing that Ring can say or sugarcoat to their customers who have invested in their products and screwed over.

We can only wait and see if Ring has good enough ethics and integrity to make things right such providing an update and allow our inside chimes to ring once again. At this point it is evident that they do not.