Ring doorbell 2 not recording

An incident happened overnight in my road and the police asked for any video evidence, I confidently offered my videos only to find that nothing has recorded overnight for weeks. It either shows a black screen or states “No video found”.
It’s not a lot of good to me as an overnight security camera if it doesn’t record anything.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi @Patsy10589. Do you have an active Ring Protect Plan subscription? Have you tried viewing this incident on any other device such as a tablet or Ring.com? Also, do you have a Ring Alarm Pro with Ring Edge local video storage active? These questions will help determine why this is happening. Additionally, what is the RSSI for this Doorbell?

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Sorry for the delay in responding.
Yes, I have Protect Plans for both of my doorbells but for some unknown reason, although all three of my devices show on my mobile, my front door will not show on my PC App.
Yes, I have checked and No Video Found is showing.
It would appear that I get no notifications of any motions overnight (22.00 - 07.00 normally) yet motions are shown on my mobile yet, when I click on to view, it’s either a black screen or “No Video Found”.
I am very concerned as I am partially sighted and rely heavily on my Ring devices but they are not working as I expected. Unfortunately, your Customer Service people don’t show much patience with people that have a visual impairment and dexterity issues.
I need instructions in writing that I can follow at my own pace. Thank you.

I am partially sighted and rely heavily on my Ring devices.
I monitor what’s happening, mainly on my PC as this is where I spend much of my time.
Although all three devices show on my phone, only the Gate and Downstairs show on my PC App.
There used to be a link to add another device but there doesn’t seem to be any facility for doing this now, so why does my Front Door not show on my PC?

I am often at home on my own so need to know who is approaching my property, particularly at night.
Although notifications show on my mobile phone, I get no audio of the events and, when I view the motion, it is either a black screen or it reports that no video is found. This is usually between the hours of 22.00 and 07.00, but it can also happen during the day.
This is not the first time I have provided feedback on this issue but no one has ever bothered to get back to me.
I know that one is expected to call the customer service line but I need instructions in writing that I can follow to put these matters right, as there is not a lot of patience, from previous experience, in your team dealing with someone with a visual impairment and dexterity problems.