Ring Doorbell 2 Not Recording SOME Motion

Hello, I’ve searched these boards to see if some have had this similar issue. My problem is that sometimes my doorbell does not record some motion. I have a wired cam that also records in the same frame and it sometimes captures what the doorbell has not. The time-lapse on the doorbell will sometimes capture what was supposed to be a video recording. This has happened off and on in the past and I’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps that I can find before I decided to create my own topic. Is there a fix for this?

Hey @Filipinoy. Could you show us what the Live View for your Doorbell looks like, and an example of motion that your wired camera caught that the Doorbell did not? In addition, please detail how you have your Motion Settings/Zones set, including what your Motion Frequency is set to. Since the Doorbell is a battery operated device, it may have some settings made on the device that may limit the amount of times motion is being recorded, while wired and powered devices normally do not need these limitations to save battery life.

Hi @Chelsea_Ring,

I appreciate your response. Due to privacy concerns I’d rather not post my settings or video here but rest assured I’ve studied the behavior of this doorbell and for the most part when it works it works well. It’s just every now and then it has these hiccups. I do have the videos that I’ve saved though and screenshots of my settings. Thanks

@Filipinoy Totally understand! If you’d like, you can always reach out to our support team who can pull up the information and look at your device with you to do a more in-depth look into this. I will say, if you change your Motion Frequency to Frequent if it’s currently on Standard, this normally helps out tremdenously, as the device will have no down time. You can learn more about Motion Frequency here.