Ring doorbell 2 not notifying


Over the past few days, my ring doorbell is not notifying when the bell is pressed. It doesn’t notify on my phone, the chime doesn’t ring and no notification on my Echo.

The motion alert notifies. However, nothing on my phone or anything else to say the bell has been pressed .

There’s nothing shown in the history either to say anyone pressed it

I’ve reinstalled app, restarted the chime, and removed and replaced the battery in the doorbell but the issue persists

Hi @Hp1980! Thank you for describing this concern in great detail, as well as the steps you’ve tried. If you have not already, ensure the alerts toggle is enabled for “ring alerts” on the Doorbell device page in the Ring app. As there is not a ring event in your event history after a button push, it seems like the button push might not be registering. Try resetting your Video Doorbell, by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. This may require a new setup in the Ring app, please download any important recordings you want to save before completing this step. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

For now I’ve replaced the battery for one that was fuly charged (the one in there still had 40% remaining) and I’ll see how it goes. When I tested after changing th ebattery it alerted straight away

FYI - Even with the other battery, the press was being registered on the bell itself, it flashed blue and made the doorbell sound. Just no alerts to any device (phone(s), Chime, or Alexa)