Ring Doorbell 2 Not detecting people

I have just linked up my doorbell2 . I set it up to only record on seeing people rather than just motion in general. This is because i live on a street that is busy with cars. While i secured it to the door the bell recognised me as a person and recorded it. But from that point, it no longer detects people.

I can see live view no problems and also the door bell part works correctly when the button is pressed. I have the motion on the highest setting and the zone to the widest it can and also the frequency set to frequently.

To test, i walk past the front door, wait a moment and walk back again, then back again and stand in front of the bell. Even as i enter the house walking past the bell, it still doesn’t pick a “person” up.

Am i missing something, or is there a reset button in case it has crashed?

Any help would be appreciated.