Ring Doorbell 2 Not Charging

I have recently moved and have installed my Ring Doorbell 2 at my new home and the power to the door bell no longer wants to charge the battery. I had an electrician check the power and all seems to be good. At my previous home it worked just fine. What can I do to fix this issue? . Taking the battery out every time to charge it manualy is not ideal.

Good question @ShaneMc! While it should work the same, electrical wiring can vary from home to home. I recommend checking the transformer to ensure the rating is the same, as well as the wiring for age, corrosion, and even the wire gauge. Let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I am seeing the same problem

used to charge, now doesn’t… I have verified the wires are good… I got a diode, no help…

now have a new transformer to install…

Hi Marley
I have the same problem I just checked my front door power and the battery is at 98 %
My back door is at 30 % so I decided to swap out batteries . Now both batteries are showing 97 % charged… never had a problem like this last year … please check your firmware… definitely a issue with it.