Ring doorbell 2 Motion Sensitivity

We just installed the ring 2 and choose the middle sensitivity setting. It’s too sensitve as it picks up cars driving by 60 feet away. I can’t seem to get back to a motion sensitivity adjustment. Is there one?

Hi @Penalty22. You can change your motion settings following these steps in the app here:

  • Open up the Ring app and go to the main menu at the top left.
  • Select Devices and then your Ring Video Doorbell 2.
  • Select Motion Settings and then Motion Wizard.

This will take you back to the very first time you set up the motion settings so you can adjust it and see what works best for you!

That’s the problem. The download (android) which I did does not have the “Motion Settings” button. It has “Motion Snooze” and “Device Settings,” but neither of these get me to anything close to “Motion Settings” I checked and I have the most recent version of the app. I’ve read at least a half dozen items which say simply go to “Motion Settings.” Question is -Where is it?

@Penalty22 It sounds like you may be a shared user, as the owner of the device would see more settings than what you are seeing. Can you doublecheck if you are the owner of this device? If not, you will have to log into the owner’s account to make this change. It may be best to also reach out to our support team at 1-800-656-1918 so they can do further troubleshooting with you!

Thanks, You’re right. We set the Ring2 up on my wife’s phone and added me as a shared user. We’ll have to take a look at the app on her phone. Nowhere is there any indication that the app would work differently on the ‘shared’ I’m presuming that we can’t set it up so we are both ‘owner’s’

@Penalty22 I’m glad that we found the answer for that, yay! In the meantime, if needed, you guys can create a joint email address. With that, you’ll remove the doorbell from your wife’s account, and then re-set up the doorbell on a new Ring account with that joint email and password, if that helps for the future! That way you can both log into the same account and have both of you guys be the owner. Hope that helps! :smiley_cat:


I have gotten this far, and have backed away the sensitivity to the lowest setting, and it is still detecting what looks like nothing over and over, multiple times each hour. What next?


@shamauei Please reach out to our support team at 1-800-656-1918 for further troubleshooting.

How do you save the settings? It says it saved but it never does and always on max sensitivity so constant notification with every car that passes. Thanks!

@CraigT The settings will automatically save but can take 24 hours to update accordingly, or until the next motion event.

It’s been two weeks of trying to save settings and it never does. I just got off the phone with Ring and deleted app and reinstalled. The setting still don’t save.

I’m experiencing the same issue, when I drag the blue arch to the desired setting, it will not save it. Ibe uninstalled and reinstalled the app and nothing, same thing over and over…tired of it resetting.

Hey neighbors! Thanks for bringing this back up and to our attention. I have been investigating this concern with the appropriate teams to see if we can isolate the reason for the slider not moving, as I also had this happen with my Ring Video Doorbell 2.

Specifically, @CraigT and @StephenA, do you both have People Only Mode turned on? You can verify this under the Ring app > Devices > Ring Video Doorbell 2 > Smart Alerts, and then let me know if this is toggled on. Hope to hear back from you soon!

No I have not turned on people only

@StephenA Can you please go into your Ring app > Devices > Ring Video Doorbell 2 > Smart Alerts > People Only Mode > and then take a screenshot of this page and reply with that? Additionally, please let me know what app version you have along with what software version you are viewing your app on (Android, iOS).

Android ver 10, Ring very 3.23.0

@StephenA Thank you for your speedy responses! One last thing, just to compare/confirm, please look at my screenshot of the slider. Is this also where your’s is stuck at? If so, if could also provide a screenshot of this page as well for me, this would be appreciated! That way I can pass on all this information to the appropriate team.

I’ve included 2 pic, original that touched the street and one where I pulled it back a little

@StephenA Thank you for that! So, no matter how many times you go through this process, save the settings, and then go back into the settings, does it always revert back to the slider position as shown in my screenshot? Or just back to the position it was at previously, thus not updating to anything new you select? I just want to ensure I have this information correct before I pass it all onto my team.

Last variable that I could think of effecting this as well, since you have to answer a few question in the Motion Wizard screen before being able to adjust the slider, could you please let me know the answers you picked for those questions? Thank you again!

As for the questions, I’ve done it several way. I have selected steps and no steps, I have selected that I face the street and I don’t face a street, no matter what I select, and then slide the blue arch back away from the street, it still detects trucks in the street.
I save the settings and activate the motion to save and have pressed the doorbell to save.

I thought I saw my previous setting without going into the motion settings page, but I’m not sure how I saw that they reverted back.

Is there a way to see the blue arch without going into the change settings.