Ring Doorbell 2 Motion Alert Settings Needs Updated!!

As a longtime user of Ring Doorbells (Ring Doorbell, Ring Doorbell 2 & Ring Doorbell Pro) I have always been able to set field of motion settings that do their job without giving a lot of false motion alerts. However, since the Ring Doorbell 2 did an update a number of months ago, it seems the motion setting capability has changed for this model and not in a favorable way! Even when adjusting the motion settings that are currently in the software to a minimum, I get constant motion alerts. When checking the videos captured by these alerts they show nothing moving, not even a spider! Please update the software on the Ring Doorbell 2 to work with the same settings as the Ring Doorbell Pro! Thank you!

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We are having the same issues with our Ring Doorbell 2. We had never had issues with false alerts before, but sometime around March 10th we started getting regular false motion alerts. The only thing I can think of that it might be picking up is possibly wind. It is the middle of the night right now and I have had 5 notifications in less than an hour. Sometimes there is more. I really wish they would fix this!

Switched on new features for improved motion detection yesterday - awake half the night with false positives - never had a problem before in 2 years. Ring 1 iOS