Ring doorbell 2 low battery alert

Since the last update my low battery notifications no longer come in the email, but now chime on my phone. The problem is the low battery notifications are the same chime as if someone rang my doorbell. So when I’m out, my phone will chime as if someone is ringing the doorbell and it is just the low battery notification. This is annoying to say the least.

 How do I change the obnoxious notification from chiming in the same alert sound as the actual doorbell chime? 

Thanks, D

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The same has happened to me.

Last night at 130am and 430am my wife and I were awoken to the notification that someone had pressed the door bell. But it was just a 30% low battery notification. What genius thought that was a good idea?! They had better fix this ASAP!


Hey neighbors! We’ve gotten feedback on this from other neighbors and even myself that the Doorbell ringing sound for the low battery notification is not ideal. We’re looking into ways to change this for the future, so please stay tuned for that and we appreciate your patience in the meantime. :slight_smile:

This is extremely annoying! It is freaking my peeps out. Please turn it off (like it was before) or I will have to chuck my Chime.

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I also receive the alerts on my mobile. So when I’m away from home the alert chimes my phone. I believe I’ve got someone at my door, only to discover it’s a low battery warning, not someone at my door.

 Ring's customer support said in order to avoid confusion that I could change my doorbell chime sound to something different. However I could not change the low battery notification sound. So the ring default chime I've used for somebody actually pressing the button on my doorbell has now become the low battery notification (which I cannot change)  and my only choice to avoid confusion is change the chime sound. Absolutely absurd and unacceptable.

 The programmer that came up with that idea is an absolute dolt.